I completely understand the complexity involved in building a successful global brand and navigating international markets. I am an expert in global retail and distribution and firmly believe a succinct strategy is crucial to securing investment and scaling growth.  I can help you connect the dots every step of the way.


I totally understand what it takes to start from scratch. I built a successful distribution business in the Middle East and also had the opportunity to run my own concessions. I worked alongside various trade and regulatory authorities where I assisted various beauty and wellness brands with everything from their international roll out,  new product developments, marketing and overall bigger picture strategies. I have worked across a variety of professional and retail sectors with stores such as Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Boots, Liberty, Duty Frees, numerous hotel chains and many more.


Yes, it’s true, building a successful brand involves a great deal of work, passion and time within a very dynamic industry but it is oh so rewarding when you get it right. With so many things to consider from the initial conception, the launch phase, scaling growth, securing investment and ensuring the successful growth of the brand it can definitely be overwhelming but this is where I am here to help.


Whether you would like a one off consultation on a specific topic or long term guidance I can support you and your team in whatever way works best and most importantly help you follow your enthusiasm and spread your unique brand message to the wider world.



“success is always within reach but only when you start to reach for it”