I help you create a global brand strategy that will drive a profitable and investible long-term business. 


Whether you are in the initial phase of creating your brand or you have been around for a while it is key that I understand your business. Then together we can work on a strategy for your target market(s) that ensures your brand message is delivered and goals are reached.


Areas I can assist with are

-Bigger picture strategy

-New market entry strategies and planning

-Creating what is needed to support your target markets and retailers

-Competitor and market analysis

-Developing your brand strategy as a whole

-Roll out strategy


I can work alongside your team or start this from scratch with you. Together we will develop and execute a plan that defines the techniques needed to reach your target customer and create all the collateral needed to support retailers for long term success.


Areas I can assist with are

-Streamlining and advising on all collateral and copy for buyers and customers

-Pitch and brand collateral 

-Overall marketing strategy for the brand as a whole or new product launches

-Promotional planning and creation

-International Pricing 


I have vast experience in managing brand entry with both distributors and retailers and know every detail that is needed along this intricate journey. I have an active company in the MENA region and can facilitate entry and registration here. 

Areas I can assist you with are
-MENA market entry and registration

-Australian/UK/EU/US market entry

-Halal registration
-Connecting the dots with your international distribution plans

-Distribution and retail connections
-Forecast plans for distributor negotiations 
-Pricing strategies and margin analysis for home and international markets
-Launch support and planning
-Developing and managing import relationships